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April 2019 Solo Show Fractured Integrity, Jealous GalleryLondon
November 2018Art On A Postcard Secret Auction at We WorkLondon
November 2017Art On A Postcard Secret Auction at The Unit GalleryLondon
April 2017The London Original Print Fair, Jealous GalleryLondon
November 2016Art On A Postcard Secret Auction at Maddox GalleryLondon
June 2016Art Car Boot Fair, Jealous GalleryLondon
January 2016Art Biennale of LanzaroteLanzarote
November 2015 Hamburg Affordable Art Fair, Jealous GalleryHamburg
October 2015 Contemporary Art Ruhr, Pretty PortalGermany
October 2015Amsterdam Affordable Art Fair, Jealous GalleryAmsterdam
October 2015Battersea Affordable Art Fair, Folly & MuseLondon
September 2015BLOOOM/Art Fair, Pretty PortalCologne
September 2015Face Off, Pretty Portal GalleryDüsseldorf
August 2015Urban In Ibiza, London West Bank Gallery
May 2015ART15, Jealous GalleryLondon
May 201520/21 International Art Fair, Pretty PortalLondon
April 2015STROKE Art Fair, Jealous GalleryMunich
April 2015 London Original Print Fair at the Royal Academy, Jealous GalleryLondon
March 2015New York Affordable Art Fair, Jealous GalleryNew York
January 2015 Jealous Take Over of the Cock N Bull GalleryLondon
December 2014Smile Britannia at the Houses of ParliamentLondon
October 2014Moniker Art Fair, London West Bank GalleryLondon
September London Calling 2014, Graffik GalleryLondon
August 214Urban in Ibiza, London West Bank GalleryIbiza
April 2014 Stroke Art Fair, London West Bank GalleryMunich
April 2014Seven Deadly Sins - The Unit GalleryLondon
April 2014The London Original Print Fair, The Royal Academy, Jealous GalleryLondon
March 2014New York Affordable Art Fair, Jealous GalleryNew York
January 2014The London Art Fair, Jealous GalleryLondon
December 2013Smile Britannia held at the House of CommonsLondon
November 2013The London Illustration Fair, Ben Oakley GalleryLondon
October 2013Battersea Affordable Art Fair, Jealous GalleryLondon
October 2013Moniker Art Fair, Jealous GalleryLondon
September 2013Mardy at Ben Oakley GalleryLondon
August 2013Urban In Ibiza, London West Bank GalleryIbiza
May 2013UNKNOWN Group ShowNew York
April 2013Four20 Group ShowLondon
December 2012Herrods BizzarreLondon
December 2012MOAS Winter Group Show, MOA GalleryLondon
December 2012Diplomat Magazine Group ExhibitionLondon
December 2012Urban Barrier at 2nd Floor London
December 2012Sons of Warhol, London West Bank GalleryLondon
October 2012Battersea Affordable Art Fair, Jealous GalleryLondon
August 2012Urban In Ibiza, London West Bank GalleryIbiza
March 20121st Cut, London West Bank GalleryLondon
March 2012Long PlayerLondon
February 2012Vamos esto va de illustracionMadrid
December 2011Group ShowLondon
November 2011Group ShowLondon
August 2011Urban in IbizaIbiza
July 2011Are You Looking At My Bird, Ben Oakley GalleryLondon
July 2011Bank Job, West Bank GalleryLondon
June 2011Old Boots New Laces, Ben Oakley GalleryLondon
May 2011Vamos esto va de IllustracionLanzarote
April 2011Reading Contemporary Art FairReading
April 2011Dirty FingersLondon
March 2011Runnymede GalleryWindsor
November 2010Big Art ExhibitionLondon
November 2010Double Vision at Vibe BarLondon
October 2010Buy Art FairManchester
September 2010Home Art ExhibitionLondon
August 2010Faces of the 21st CenturyLondon
July 2010Brixton urban ArtLondon
April 2010Vibrant Exhibition, Ben Oakley Gallery London
January 2010Guerilla Exhibition, Ben Oakley GalleryLondon
December 2009Gifts for the Gifted at GC ArtLondon
July 2009Brixton Urban Art FairLondon
January 2009There is Hope at GV ARTLondon
October 2008Affordable Art Fair, GV ArtAmsterdam
June 2008Affordable Art Fair, GV ArtParis
March 2008Solo Show at The Union, GV ArtLondon
March 2008Red Dot Art Fair, GV ArtNew York
December 2007Bridge Art Fair, GV ArtMiami
October 2007Affordable Art Fair, GV ArtAmsterdam
September 2007Bridge Art Fair, GV ArtLondon
July/ August 2007GV Art Home AssemblageLondon
June 2007Affordable Art Fair, GV ArtNew York
March 2007Affordable Art Fair, GV ArtLondon
August 2006First Solo Show, GV ArtLondon
July 2006Brixton Urban Art FairLondon
July 2005Brixton Urban Art FairLondon